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Valparaíso se encuentra a 352 kilómetros de La Serena. La duración del viaje en promedio es de 8 horas dependiendo de la compañía de buses, en categoría semi cama o salón cama, las que atraviesan la Ruta 68 hasta Santiago y luego toman la Ruta 5, que conecta ambas ciudades.


La salida de buses de Valparaíso desde el Terminal Rodoviario de Valparaíso. Los buses llegan a La Serena al Terminal rodoviario de La Serena o a terminales y paraderos impuestos por las empresas.


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Buses de Valparaiso a La Serena

Las empresas de buses que ofrecen servicios en esta ruta son: Expreso Norte, Buses Paravias, Serena Mar, Buses Libac, Turbus, Pullman Bus, Condor Bus, Covalle Bus, Fichtur VIP, Los Corsarios, Atacama VIP, Buses Romani y otras.


About Valparaiso

Valparaíso is one of the largest cities in the country. It is the main port of the country and center of legislative power since the congress is located in its central area, just a few steps from the bus terminal of the city. It is characterized by its countless hills and viewpoints of the port, with its traditional elevators and funiculars, offering multiple options of walks to its visitors, among which Cerro Concepción, Paseo Gervasoni and the elevators Reina Victoria, Polanco and El Peral stand out. In the new year one of the largest pyrotechnic shows in the world is performed along its coast.

About La Serena

La Serena is one of the most visited destinations by tourists from all over the country and from neighboring countries such as Argentina and Brazil, due to its offer of beaches and inland valleys, as well as co-promotion with Coquimbo. The most visited valley is the Elqui Valley, which stands out for its magic and mysticism, where you will find typical products of the area such as papayas, wines and piscos, as well as camping areas on the banks of the Elqui rivers or its tributaries. Turbio and El Claro. Other nearby attractions are Punta de Choros and Isla Damas, located kilometers north of La Serena, with beautiful beaches and closer proximity to nature, where Dolphins and Whales are usually sighted.

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