How to travel by bus from Valdivia to Talca

Valdivia se encuentra a 595 kilómetros de Talca. La duración del viaje en promedio es entre 7 a 8 horas, en categoría semi cama o cama dependiendo de la compañía de buses, las que atraviesan la Ruta 5 que conecta ambas ciudades.

En Valdivia la salida de buses es desde el Terminal de Valdivia o terminales/paraderos definidos por cada empresa.

Los buses llegan a Talca al Terminal de Buses de Talca o terminales/paraderos definidos por cada empresa

Important Bus Operators between Valdivia to Talca
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Minimum Ticket Price (CLP) from Valdivia to Talca $ 0
First Departure from Valdivia to Talca
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When do you want to travel to Talca?

Buses de Valdivia a Talca

Las empresas de buses que ofrecen servicios en esta ruta son: Jet Sur, Pullman Bus, Turbus y otras.

About Valdivia

Valdivia is a city in the XIV Region of Los Ríos. Due to the natural attractions that are present in the area, tourism is strong, especially in summer, among which is the Oncol Park, a forest reserve of great natural beauty, together with the Botanical Garden of the Universidad Austral de Chile in Isla Teja. The town of Niebla is the spa of the Valdivians, because it has beautiful beaches in the Bay of Corral and important architectural attractions such as Fuerte de Niebla, built in the seventeenth century by the Spanish conquistadors. In addition, Valdivia produces a lot of high quality beer due to a strong tradition of German settlers, it is quite common for each bar to produce its own beer, which many exhibit at one of the best-known festivals, the Bierfest de Valdivia, among which we highlight the already popular Kunstmann.

About Talca

Talca is the capital of the VII Region of Maule. Among its attractions, it has the Rio Claro spa that has a canopy 300 meters long, in addition to the O'Higginiano Museum that gets its name because one of our fathers of the country lived there. From Talca you can access multiple rural destinations such as Linares, Maule, Duao, Constitución and Pelarco. Some of the tourist attractions that the region has are Lake Colbún and several hot springs, such as Quinamávida and Panimávida.

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