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ABOUT tongoy

Tongoy is a coastal town located in the Coquimbo Region, 42 km south of La Serena and 430 km north of Santiago. The commune has a semi-desert climate and beaches with warm waters, Tongoy is a peninsula that stands out as an important tourist destination within the Coquimbo Region, and that can be accessed through Panamerican route number 5.

Like its neighboring communes, in the mid-nineteenth century in Tongoy copper mining began to be carried out, which allowed the growth of economic activities that led to the inauguration of schools, religious chapels, civil registry office, post office and restaurants, which made Tongoy a major mining port. However, the mining resource has not been the only wealth of the commune, according to recent studies by the University of La Serena, Tongoy has a very varied flora that includes more than 63 species and in terms of fauna a total of 173. With this type of natural resources at its disposal, the city has managed to embark on a prosperous and promising tourist industry, currently being the main economic activity in Tongoy.

The tourist services of this destination range from water sports such as swimming, diving, sailing, surfing, windsurfing, to outdoor activities such as fishing, camping and contemplating the amazing variety of flora and fauna. Regarding climate, it is described as a semi-arid climate, a condition that is perceived more in the north and decreases to the south of the commune; but in general it is known for having a fairly homogeneous climate on the coast.

Tongoy being a coastal destination, you can enjoy a huge variety of seafood that has acquired an excellent reputation for being fresh and innovative, and is that Tongoy fishing is considered the second most important economic activity in the city. In fact, this practice allowed the stabilization of the region once the mining exploitation was over ,because of that, fishing has an economic and cultural value for the locals.

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