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San Antonio is located in the San Antonio province, in the region of Valparaíso, being considered one of the most important ports of the country. The city is divided into different sectors which are San Antonio Center, Las Cruces, Las Dunas, Malvilla, Llo-lleo and Lo Gallardo.

The port of the city was built in 1910 and has meant the development of the city being today the main economic activity of the commune therefore provides the largest amount of work in the area. It has four terminals: general cargo, bulk cargo, chemical and one specialized in containers and sulfuric acid. The peculiarity of its bay that has allowed the development of this activity is that it is protected from the north winds by the Centinela hill.

The Crane used in 1982 for its construction was brought from Lyon, France and declared National Historic Monument in 1995, being the oldest coal crane in the country and it's nowadays a tourist point of the city and popularly known as the "grandmother of the city". The Panul lighthouse that has a height of 8.8 meters is also an attractive point that allows to guide the ships in their entrance and exit of the port of San Antonio. Here there is a meteorological station that belongs to the Chilean Navy.

In the center of the city it’s possible to visit the Municipal Museum of Natural Sciences and Archeology which seeks to promote research in the area and disseminate the heritage being open to all public. It has four stable rooms with samples of zoology, archeology, geology and paleontology, and a transitory exhibition hall. It counts with more than 8,000 objects of collection standing out its great skeletons of marine mammals like the blue whale, its aquariums and garden with native species of the sector. It also has a Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

From the shore, on the Bellamar promenade, it’s possible to observe the port and fishing activity, being in its north access the Mall Arauco San Antonio and the Casino of the Pacific. In the Pintor Pacheco Altamirano bay, you will find the fishing market of the city where you can find fresh products of the sea and take walks in boats that lead by a route to the facilities of the port. Some viewpoints that allow to have a panoramic view of the city and its bay are the one that is in the hill Christ of Maipo hill and in the Centinela hill. Also from the viewpoint May 21 you get a beautiful view of the city.

The sector of Llolleo has caught the attention for its excellent climate. Here is possible to find the Hombú tree that owns more than 100 years of life and that according to the locals has medicinal properties being this the reason why it’s known like the tree of the heart especially because it helps to relieve heart diseases. A meeting point of Llolleo in which various cultural activities are carried out is the folklore plaza where every Sunday folk groups of the commune meet to bring the Chilean traditions to the tourists.

Another important attraction is the town of Lo Gallardo which is located between the mirador cristo hills of the maipo and the Centinelas, right at the end of the Maipo River. The gastronomy of the place stands out with its dishes based on seafood and the influence of oenology in its preparations with local producers of boutique vineyards such as the vineyards Casa Marín, Amayna, Lo Abarca, Matetic and Malvilla. In fact, in the valley of Leyda, a great part of the wines are produced, counting this sector with appellation of origin which has attracted important vineyards to the place and where the vineyards Leyda, Garcés Silva, Montgrass, Anakena, Conosur, Chocalán among others are located.

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