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Río Puelo, also known as Puelo, is a small town of the commune of Cochamó in the Los Lagos Region.

The climate in Río Puelo is of the oceanic type and with constant rainfall throughout the year. During winter temperatures can drop to 5 ° C, while in summer they rise to 20 ° C, so even in January, the hottest month of the year, you can enjoy a pleasant temperature and a fairly cool environment.

This town is very close to the confluence of the homonymous river with the Reloncaví estuary, which attracts the development of an important economic activity, tourism. People from all over Chile visit this place to enjoy the charm and recreational activities it has to offer.

Chile has been characterized in recent years for promoting ecotourism, increasing awareness and the knowledge of the population regarding natural areas and their fauna; Río Puelo is no exception. This is a place loved by adventurers, you can find various trails for mountaineering and trekking, but if you want a different ascent to the top of the mountains you can also climb the high granite walls. Its beauty and natural value, full of wetlands, rivers and forests, is the perfect place for observing flora and fauna. It should not be forgotten to mention that it has a long recreational fishing season that takes place between the months of September and May.

From Santiago, the main access to Río Puelo is by land through Route 5. If you want to travel by land but in a different way, carpool, or shared car, is another travel alternative when you are looking to travel comfortable, safe and for less money. With you can access the available carpool routes that take you to Río Puelo, as well as you can move around the city using carpooling, paying the same or even less for quality mobility in a shared car. is the platform where you find all the transport options to get to and get around Río Puelo.


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