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With approximately 80,000 inhabitants, it counts the city and municipality of the Rio Grande of the Tierra del Fuego province, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands in the Argentine Republic, surrounded by the Argentine Sea, which is located within the Atlantic Ocean, and within the Rio Grande, Where does your name come from.

The Rio Grande represents one of the largest economic centers in Argentina, positioning itself as a city in which large amounts of industrial processes are carried out, of which national and international companies are part.

The climate of the locality is cold due to oceanic contact, and together with its rapid gusts of wind, it is classified as a subpolar oceanic climate. Hence, its summer temperature reaches about 11 ° C while in winter it drops to -6 ° C, which is why the cloudy days are normal but brief. As for the snow, it is not a very regular phenomenon, unless you enter a polar front which causes intense snowfall, leaving the town dyed white for several days.

Also, during the winter sunlight can be present maximum 7 hours a day, while in summer the presence of the sun can be extended by 19 hours. The Rio Grande is one of the southernmost towns in the southern hemisphere.

To travel by land roads to the Rio Grande is necessary to pass through Chilean territory and if it is by sea, you must cross the Strait of Magellan.

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