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ABOUT reñaca

Reñaca is a town that belongs to the Viña del Mar commune, in the Valparaíso Region. Due to its geographical location on the Chilean coast, it is a mainly tourist destination, the place is characteristic for its extensive beach and stepped buildings on the slopes of the hills, every year it becomes the epicenter of summer fun for the locals and visitors. Reñaca is located 144 km away from Santiago, which is approximately two hours of travel, and the place can be accessed by land through route number 68.

Since 1965 Reñaca has been transformed to become a center of high attendance during the summer, in the same way the population has urbanized and built to be in tune with the tourist demand. The old houses were recently torn down to make way for the spectacular tiered buildings on the hillside. Among the places of interest in Reñaca, you can find the Jardín del Mar neighborhood, which is a large residential development founded in 1980, the neighborhood is located on a hillside and most of its surface is not flat.

Reñaca beach is the attractive center of the commune, it extends to the neighboring municipality of Concón, in the sector there are several bars, discos, restaurants, cafes, hotels and hostels.

Cochoa is a small town that has several restaurants, especially seafood, it also has a beach that stands out for its calm waters, and with a much more familiar atmosphere. Currently the rapid growth of Reñaca has advanced to Cochoa, which is why a large number of real estate and commercial projects are being built. Finally, the Gómez Carreño Natural Park, a site that has 536 hectares of native coastal sclerophyllous forest, where you can see a large amount of endemic flora and fauna of the region, including the Zorro Chilla, Cururo and Quique. As well as several species of birds such as the Aguilucho, Tucuquere, Siete Colores and Rara.