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Puerto Varas is located in the province of Llanquihue, X region of Los Lagos, 11 hours from Santiago. Its origin goes back to the middle of the XIX century, when most of the German colony that arrived at the country fleeing of the Second World War that lashed Europe settled down.

In its beginnings, it stood out for being a commercial port, which helped to the development of the city that in 1.877 was named as a villa, attracting the tourism in the zone, which also is due to the beauty of the nature that abounds in this region. Its streets are full of history and they invite you to discover its unique colonial architecture, with great German influence. Walk through the city center is a pleasure, with wide streets and shopping centers with beautiful flowers that invite to enjoy its restaurants and tea rooms.

Its rainy ocean climate with year-round precipitation, with more intensity in winter and spring, is not an impediment to visit the city because there’s a ski center located at the Osorno Volcano and the Casino Dreams Puerto Varas keeps its doors open on this season to offer an alternative way to enjoy the city. During the summer, the temperature is very pleasant, rarely surpassing 30°C, helping to enjoy the waters of Lake Llanquihue that bathe the city, ideal for swimming and nautical activities.

Its gastronomy is recognized for the fusion of the Chilean-German cuisine, demanding and tempting any palate. 42 minutes from the center of the city is the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, the oldest in Chile, known for its large expanse and beautiful forests, rivers and lakes, including Todos los Santos Lake and Petrohue River, where sport fishing is practiced, but is mainly known for the Petrohué Falls.

Other attractions that you will find on your way through this city are:

- Casa Kuschel: Built in 1915, it has two floors and a basement. It was property of Don Wibaldo Klenner, nowadays being used like the office of information of the Park Philippi.
Juptner House: Property of the Juptner Klenner family, this house dates to 1910.
Casa Maldonado: It was built in 1893 by the Emhardt family.
Casona Alemana: Also owned by the Klenner family, it has 1 floor enabled and is attractive because of its structure composed of wood and covered with plates of iron walled.
House Raddatz: Its construction was conducted by Elisa Raimann and Ernesto Raddatz in the year 1916. Nowadays is used like gallery of art.
House Gotschlich: It was built in 1910 when it was owned by the Bohle family.
Casa Yunge: This house was built in 1921 by don Juan Hitschfeld.

Around the city there are many picturesque villages to visit: Ensenada, La Poza, Los Riscos, Nueva Braunau, Petrohué, Peulla, Puerto Chico, Puerto Rosales and Ralún.

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