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Pichilemu is a city located in the Region of Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins, called the National Capital of Surfing since its waters are ideal for practicing this sport and at we tell you what you need to know to get there and mobilize yourself in this beautiful town on the Chilean coast.

Pichilemu means "Small Forest", and this city has several green areas. One of the busiest forests is the Ross Park, it was created in 1885 and has wide meadows where centuries-old palm trees are preserved, developing recreational activities for all ages in the place. Inside is the Agustín Ross Cultural Center, built at the end of the 19th century and declared a National Monument in 1988.

Its urban area invites you to visit the Plaza Arturo Prat, which has an esplanade that has favored the development of outdoor cultural events, counting in its green areas with different native species of the area. In addition, there is the building of the old railway station dating from 1925, built of wood and which was declared a National Monument in 1994.

Among its coasts, one of the most visited is Main Beach, which stands out for being suitable for swimming, finding in its surroundings wide stairways and terraces that allow you to circulate along the entire coastline and a viewpoint from which you can observe the immensity of the sea.  La Puntilla Beach, in its high season is frequently visited by family groups, where surf schools and freshly extracted products from the sea stand out.

Playa Hermosa is one of the most extensive, it allows shore fishing and swimming, while Punta de Lobos receives surfers from all over the world since it is ideal for surfing, also allowing other activities such as shore fishing.Another natural attractions that can be found are the Los Curas Lagoon, Cáhuil’s Lagoon, Poza del Encanto, Perro’s Lagoon and the Chorrillos Waterfall.

Towards the rural sector, coastal salt is extracted, finding “Las Salinas” (high salt hills in a conical shape) that extend for approximately 8 km, between the sectors of Cáhuil, Barrancas and La Villa. There are also the Water Mills, which, although they have fairly rudimentary techniques, are still used today and are located in the Pañul and Rodeillo sector. You can also visit the Rural Children's Museum, which has a large collection of instruments that were made by the first inhabitants of the area.

Throughout the year you can find different celebrations and typical festivities such as La Trilla a Yegua Suelta that takes place in the rural area, the Pichilemina week in February, the Salt Festival held in the town of Barrancas, the cochayuyo festival, the rural folk festival, the surfing ceremony, among others.

Pichilemu is located 222 kilometers away from Santiago and can be accessed by land through the Autopista del Sol, Route 78. At we take you to Pichilemu with the companies Buses Madrid, Buses Transantin, Buses Nilahue.

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