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Known as the Chilean capital of folklore, Olmué invites locals and tourists to discover its lush valleys. Its name comes from the Mapudungún word wülnguwe which means, “place of huilmos”. Read in Spanish, wülngwe, gave rise to "Gulmué", a name that was given to the ranch that occupied the territories of present-day Olmué. The tranquility, fresh air, and the celebration of cultural festivities make it a tourist attraction for people of all ages.

Among the most important places in Olmué is the Niño Dios de Las Palmas Church, initially, it was a small chapel that progressively took on larger dimensions after a farmer from the area found a modestly dressed religious figure, he took the image to his home waiting for someone to claim it. Later in 1780, the image was given to another farmer who was in charge of taking it to where the chapel of Niño Dios de Las Palmas was located. Eventually, the image became a miraculous object, which all the communities of Olmué and its surroundings worship. Nowadays Niño Dios de Las Palmas Church is a true pilgrimage site and represents the most authentic side of Olmué's religiosity.

Another religious destination is La Dormida Church, according to legend the site coincides with the resting place that the conqueror Pedro de Valdivia chose to rest before continuing his journey up the slope. The church and its surroundings constitute an important architectural heritage for the understanding of the life of Olmué during the colonial period. For nature lovers, Olmué has several touristic options, between them, La Campana Park stands out, it was created in 1967 and was declared a World Biosphere Reserve in 1985, has an approximate area of ​​8,000 hectares and a suitable infrastructure for the study of biodiversity and recreation.

The park has a forest where the native fauna of the valley is preserved, and the park can be reached by climbing a steep road at 1,828 meters. The Santiago - Olmué route is also a magnificent demonstration of Olmué's plant richness, known as Cuesta La Dormida or Ruta de los Conquistadores, currently very well paved, and allows you to observe the majesty of the coastal mountain range embracing the valley of Olmué. Despite the interesting destinations of Olmué, the city has become famous thanks to the Huaso Festival, an event that has been held every February since 1970 in the El Patagual amphitheater, the festival consists of a musical contest that is broadcast live on national television.

Located in the Marga Province of the Region of Valparaíso, Olmué is 60 km away from Valparaíso from where it can be reached by the main road that connects Valparaíso with La Calera, you can also access the city through the Panamerican highway number 5, at we take you to Olmué with the Pullman Costa company. From nearby towns, there are also direct trips to Olmué by carpool, or shared car, which is another travel alternative when you are looking to travel comfortably, safely, and for less money. With you can access the available carpool routes to Olmué and pay through the app with any card or in cash. is the platform where you find all the transport options to get to and get around Olmué.



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