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Nueva Imperial is located in the western area of ​​the Nahuelbuta Mountain range and is also known as "watercolor city", it is part of the Province of Cautín in the IX Region of Araucanía. Nueva Imperial has a warm and temperate climate, during winter it does not usually drop below 4 ° C, while in summer it does not exceed 25 ° C.

The commune has two urban centers, Imperial and Villa Almagro, which are characterized as meeting places for commerce, since the high percentage of the rural population continually travels to them in search of services. One of the most notable features of the city is its Railway Bridge, the structure dates from 1909 and is currently preserved as a cultural heritage. It was designed by French architects, built in France, and assembled where it currently stands. The most important natural resources are constituted in the vicinity of the Imperial River and the Chol-Chol River, which cross the commune giving rise to numerous bathing areas. Both rivers are navigable by smaller boats, allowing the local and visitors to practice trout fishing. In the urban area of ​​Nueva Imperial, the Cendyr Náutico stands out, a place where canoeing and kayaking athletes from the commune practice. Also, a place that is worth mentioning is Los Cisnes Beach, because during summer is very popular between the locals  and visitors who enjoy the calm waters of the Chol-Chol River.

It should be noted that in Nueva Imperial there are cultural activities, festivals and massive events throughout the year, among which the Beer Festival, the Traditional Fair of the Manzana de Quinta, the Black Beer Festival, the Vega Shrimp Fair, stand out. Manos de Imperial Craft Fair, Voces del Sur Festival, Imperialina Night and others that attract a large number of visitors and become a panorama that helps boost the economic activity of Nueva Imperial.

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