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Neltume is a town belonging to the Panguipulli commune, located in the mountain range of the Los Ríos Region. It is located on the stretch of the River Fuy 5 km west of Puerto Fuy, and 50 km from Panguipulli.

Despite being in an area of ​​volcanic risks, in this sector specifically, the chances of it being affected during the eruptions of the Mocho-Choshuenco volcano are low. This town has arisen mainly for the development of tourist products, since it is within the Seven Lakes route. Currently, in Neltume you can access all kinds of services related to tourism, among which are lodging, gastronomic proposals and outdoor activities.

In Neltume you can visit Avenida Los Robles, which concentrates part of the history of Neltume represented in wood sculptures made by local artisans. In the same way, it is recommended to visit the Kimün Park located on one side of the international route and where you can see handicrafts and different types of wood sculptures that have been the product of the "chainsaw sculpture contest" that is held annually in Neltume.

Neltume is strategically located between two tourist destinations in the commune, which are Puerto Fuy and Choshuenco, 5 and 15 km away respectively on a paved road and with 16 km of bicycle lanes. Near the center is Lake Neltume, on the connecting route to Liquiñe, being a rural sector characterized by its high Mapuche population and the abundant presence of wetlands. Neltume also has the Museum of Memory that recalls the logging past and the political events that determined the local culture and society.

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