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Las Cruces is part of the El Tabo commune, in the Valparaíso Region, and is a very popular resort during the summer, especially because it is close to other points of high interest such as El Tabo, Cartagena and the port of San Antonio.

Its beaches are its main attraction, the main one being Playa Chica, which has thick and yellow sand. From this point you get a complete view of the architectural heritage of the city. Playa Grande, allows you to go through it on a walk that becomes a typical activity during summer where you can see the large houses of the sector and the remains of the railways that connected Cartagena with Las Cruces. On one side of this place are Las Delicias and Las Monjas beaches, which have fine white sands and are less crowded. Here is the El Peral Ecological Reserve that receives a large number of bird species in its lagoon of the same name.

To enjoy a beautiful sunset, Punta del Lacho is the perfect place to be surprised and delight in the beautiful hues of the landscape. From its viewpoint it is possible to see a large part of the central coastline. There is also a protected marine area in its vicinity that is used for scientific research purposes by the Catholic University. Another natural sector that receives a large number of visits is Punta Tres Cruces, where you can observe seabirds. To the south of this place is the Laguna el Peral Sanctuary, while to the north of this point there are large dunes.

This land saw Juan Francisco González paint and Arturo Pacheco Altamirano lived there. By far the most recognized character in this place is Nicanor Parra, a poet brother of Violeta Parra who settled in the place in the 80s in the large house called La Pajarera, which unfortunately later suffered a fire having to move to the house that was It was next door and it was built by Manuel Navarro. Due to its great contribution to the community in 2007 the Casa Cultural de las Cruces was named the Nicanor Parra Cultural Center in his honor.

This destination is located 120 km away from Santiago, and the main land access is through Route 68. At we take you to Las Cruces with the Bahía Azul bus company. If you want to travel by land but in a different way, carpooling, or car sharing, is another travel alternative when you are looking to travel comfortably, safely and for less money. With you can access the available carpool routes that take you to Las Cruces, paying the same or even less for quality mobility in a shared car.

Once in Las Cruces, apart from carpooling, you can also get around by bus, a fairly popular urban transport that covers almost all the internal routes of the city. In you can find the available routes, and pay through the app with any card or in cash. is the platform where you find all the transportation options to get to and get around Las Cruces.

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