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La Ligua it’s located in the Province of Petorca within the Valparaíso Region about 154 km away from the city of Santiago, the commune communicates with the rest of the country through the Panamerican highway route number 5. In its beginnings as a commune the area was characterized by its mining, but eventually agriculture and crafts began to be used as subsistence activities for all the locals. Despite being a small commune, it has some places to visit and events for the cultural recreation of the region.

Currently, La Ligua is known for the manufacture of fabrics, rugs, colorful blankets with various designs, all of them made by hand and following traditional clothing patterns. These quality products can be obtained in Valle Hermoso, or also known as "the cradle of the fabric", it is an artisan center that is located 5 km away from La Ligua where there are more than 100 artisan establishments, most of them specialized in traditional fabrics. The Fabric Fair or Expo Ligua, where the local craftsmanship is exhibited, fashion shows are held, and the election of the queen of La Ligua takes place. In the beginning it was only a textile exhibition, however, recently the regional entrepreneurs take advantage of the expo to present to the market all sort of jewelry, sweet treats, animal products and food.

With a maximum temperature of 30 °C during summer and a minimum of 7 °C during winter, La Ligua has a favorable climate to enjoy the beaches it has. Among the beaches that stand out, we can mention Pichicuy Beach that is located 54 km from the center of La Ligua, this beach is defined as picturesque and suitable for diving, fishing and swimming. While Los Molles Beach is ideal for kayaking and enjoying the excellent local cuisine. And for those who like to camp, they can visit Las Chorreaderas Beach, located just 10 km from La Ligua and where you can enjoy an area for a safe and quiet camping.

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