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Its name comes from the inspiration of the Chilean writer and poet Pablo Neruda, who sitting in front of his house overlooking the Pacific Ocean from where he observed a black stone in the middle of the waters. Hence, the name of this town is "Isla Negra" even though it is not an island as such.

From the archaic period of the American continent, this zone has been inhabited by hunters and collectors corresponding to the time, for the year 11000 BC.

Then the Incas arrived, who were displaced by the Spanish colonizers; for this moment the island was known as Quebrada Calvín or Principality of Austria.

Isla Negra belongs to the commune of El Quisco, in the V Region of Valparaíso only 45 kilometers from "Valpo" and 96 kilometers from the city of Santiago, Metropolitan Region. It is a tourist destination for several reasons. One of them is the coastal beauty of this town because it gives us a view of the blue and infinite waters of the Pacific postcards.

Like Neruda, you will fall in love with the constant cooing of the waves, its streets bordering the sea, the homes with airs of the 60s full of "peace and love" (like its people). Likewise, the Handicraft Fair of Isla Negra will appear before you in which you will find beauties made by the hands of its people, and suddenly cross paths with the omnipresent ghost of Neruda. Without a doubt, if poetry is your thing, Black Island is your destiny.

Isla Negra, as part of the commune of El Quisco, belongs to the Litoral de las Artes y Los Poetas, as it was a cultural space that was forged by the Chilean poets Pablo Neruda, Vicente Huidobro and Nicanor Parra.

In terms of climate, due to its geographical location, Isla Negra has a Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers (although very rarely the temperature exceeds 30 °), and wet winters with constant rainfall and a constant of 11 °.

On the other hand, we have that it is a tourist point of reference in the central littoral because it offers a variety of options to stay and many places to try the typical Chilean food. In addition, it offers the opportunity to perform water sports.

One of the main tourist attractions of Isla Negra is the house that Pablo Neruda built on the shores of the sea to admire the beauty of the ocean. The House of Isla Negra is one of the three houses that the Chilean poet had in the country. It is currently a museum managed by the Neruda Foundation and "besides a store of souvenirs and objects related to the poet, it has a Cultural Center where exhibitions, lectures, and poetry recitals are held, and a Café Restaurant where you can taste the famous Caldillo of Congrio made according to the recipe that the poet himself immortalized in his well-known 'Oda al Caldillo de Congrio' ".

If you are wondering how to get to Isla Negra, we tell you that most of the interurban buses that arrive at this town leave from Santiago, Valparaíso or San Antonio, and arrive at the designated stops by the same companies. The main companies that travel to Isla Negra are Pullman Bus Costa Central and Bahía Azul.

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