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Curanilahue is a commune that belongs to the Arauco Province, in the Biobío Region. The name Curanilahue comes from the Mapudungún "Kurangilawe" and means “stony valley”. The commune of Curanilahue borders Concepción to the north, Los Álamos to the south, Nacimiento to the east, and Arauco and Lebu to the west.

The commune of Curanilahue emerged from a coal mining settlement that was established at the end of the 19th century, the mineral attraction caught the attention of English explorers interested in the exploitation of the mines, who arrived in the city in 1890. But in addition to coal, Curanilahue also stood out for its gold deposits, and its great forestry potential that prompted the establishment of wood factories and a sawmill. Both commercial activities increased with the arrival of the railroad, allowing an increase in exploitation and production that brought with it the formation of the current commune.

Given its rugged geography, Curanilahue is presented as an ideal place for the development of extreme cycling and its sub-disciplines. As a tourist destination, the Nahuelbuta Mountain Range also stands out, it is known for its high degree of biodiversity, on the way you can find a great variety of flora, birds and fauna, where many of the species are only present in that environment. Its landscapes are characterized by being beautiful and moving, there are several stones that serve as 360 ° viewpoints, where on one side you can see the Andes Mountains and on the other the Pacific Ocean. Curanilahue has three viewpoints with these characteristics: the Piedra del Puma, the Piedra del Queso and the Piedra del Indio.

This rugged destination can be reached through the Panamerican highway route number 5, and at we take you to Curanilahue with the Santa María, Sol de Lebu and Pullman Tur bus companies. From nearby towns there are also direct trips by carpool, or shared car, which is another travel alternative when you are looking to travel comfortably, safely and for less money. With you can access the carpool routes available to Curanilahue.

Once in Curanilahue, you can move around by bus, a fairly popular urban transport that covers almost all the internal routes of the town. In you can find the available routes, and pay through the app with any card or in cash. is the platform where you find all the transportation options to get to and get around Curanilahue.

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