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Characterized by being an extension of land without steep reliefs, this beautiful "Place of passage", named for the meaning that its words give in the Mapuche language Mapudungun, is a city and commune located in the province of Arauco in the Biobío Region, developed geographically next to the Nahuelbuta mountain range, had an important colonization of Germans and Austro-Hungarians at the beginning of the 19th century. Influence that you can admire in its buildings, culture and typical dishes when visiting the city of Contulmo and at we tell you what you need to know to get there and get around.

One of the destinations that you can visit close to the city is Lake Lanalhue, it is located between Cañete and Contulmo, also called "The lake of the souls in pain", pleasant resource of warm waters where the black-necked swan lives, This immense and wonderful ecosystem passes the Lanalhue fault, the cause of great earthquakes in South America. Another water resource worthy of admiration is Lake Lleu Lleu, considered the only natural reserve in the region, so its local neighbors, including the Mapuches, restrict the interaction of people to the Lake, to preserve the biological balance of this incredible ecosystem, in summer they allow sport fishing as it is rich in species such as salmon, trout and silverside. Other activities can be carried out including walks, picnics, swimming and windsurfing, all under the supervision of professionals who indicate the limits and care that you must take to contribute to their care.

The festivities cannot be left behind, their strong roots lead them to celebrate the Anniversary of the German colonization, celebrated every year in the month of April, making this date one of the most important, in which creole, mapuche and german traditions gather and interact. Therefore, April is an ideal time to travel and learn how they celebrate this holiday. Other important festivals are the Mapuche New Year, the Celebration of National Holidays and the Musical Week, opportunities that you will have to be part of the cultural expression that the city presents.

For those who like to enjoy architecture, you can take a walk down Millary Street in the center of the city, you will find constructions of houses and old hotels that still retain their beauty and heritage style through the years. The Dungunwe Museum is intended to honor the people who founded the commune, when in the olden days it was called San Luis de Contulmo. Santa Helena Park offers you the best facilities to appreciate the flora and fauna and a viewpoint where you can see the best perspective of the city.

Contulmo offers a country air, inspired by german traditions and landscapes that immerse you in a lot of tranquility. The practices in caring for the environment are characteristic of the strong prevalence that the mapuche culture has in the region and that makes it a wonderful place to visit with the family and learn about their culture.

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