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Located in the Maule Region, Constitución is a city in the Province of Talca. Known as the pearl of Maule, this coastal city has been transformed into a tourist destination which natural beauty and gastronomic invention stand out. Geographically, Constitución is located on the southern shore of the mouth of the Maule River in the Pacific Ocean, and limits to the southeast with the mountain chain, while towards the coastal side it also finds numerous rock formations, which are known as the Rocas de Constitución, between all of them, stands out the Stone of the Church, which has become the symbol of the city.

The climate of Constitución is of the Mediterranean type with a dry season in summer, which makes the climate mild with hot summers with great atmospheric humidity throughout the year. The winds coming from the Pacific make temperatures moderate, both in winter and in summer. One of the aspects in which the city stands out is its gastronomy, since it offers a varied menu that ranges from the most typical country dishes to a wide range of characteristic fish from the port. Another attraction is the city market that is located in the center, it is a typical place to visit and taste the classic preparations of the area.

In that same way, Constitución stands out as a seaside, because it has extensive black sand beaches, its rock formations have been declared a Nature Sanctuary. Another important attraction is the Banco Arena railway bridge, designed by Eiffel in 1925, and the Ramal Train, which was the last narrow gauge train in Chile that connects the cities of Talca and Constitución. This train crosses several villages that are located on the banks of the Maule River. Near the city are the dunes and wetlands of Putú, which constitute the largest field of dunes in the country, and is only 20 minutes away from Constitución. takes you to know the splendor of the Maule Region, it takes you to know Constitución.

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