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Concón is a commune that belongs to the Valparaíso Region. It limits the north with Quillota and Quintero; to the south with Viña del Mar, to the east with Limache; and to the west with the Pacific Ocean. Concón is located 143 km away from Santiago and can be reached by land through Route 68. Located on the coast of the Chilean sea, the commune has a coastal Mediterranean climate influenced by the cold Humboldt Current. In summer, temperatures range between 12 ° C and 24 ° C, rarely the temperature exceeds 28 ° C. During winter, temperatures vary between 6 ° C and 15 ° C. Rainfall is normal in autumn and winter, being July the rainiest month of the year.

The toponymy of Concón is not completely defined, there are theories that indicate two probabilities, the first is that the name Concón was awarded in honor of the Lechuza Concón or Bataraz Austral. The second alternative is that Concón refers to the word mapudungún conn-co that means “water inlet”, which agrees with the mouth of the Aconcagua River that takes place in the commune. Be that as it may, Concón has assumed its name with pride and has called itself the “Gastronomic Capital of Chile”, as it is recognized for the diversity of restaurants located on the coastline and that specialize in the preparation of fish, seafood and Chilean empanadas.

This coastal city has several tourist attractions among which La Roca Oceánica stands out, this small rocky promontory is located on the coastline, on the rock there are different easy access stairs. In 1990 La Roca Oceánica was declared a Nature Sanctuary, due to its geological characteristics and the great presence of seabirds, it has a high natural and landscape value. This is one of the best viewpoints on the entire Chilean coast, and a place highly frequented by tourists. Campo Dunar is another Nature Sanctuary located in Concón, this corresponds to the last vestiges of a large set of dunes of Quaternary origin, located in the sector and they constitute a sample of the evolutionary history of the natural landscape of the area.

In addition to gastronomy, magnificent viewpoints and ancient dunes, Concón has beaches that attract the attention of locals and tourists. With more than 7 km of coastline, there are several spas equipped with services for the enjoyment of the sea. These beaches are gently sloping towards the sea, and are characterized by cold ocean currents that sweep the coasts. Concón and its surroundings invite you to do outdoor activities, such as surfing, bodyboarding and kayaking; at the same time that you can do sport fishing, horseback riding and bird watching in the middle of a natural coastal environment.



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