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City and commune in the south of Chile, capital of the Capitán Prat Province in the Aysén Region, it was born in 1927 and officially in March 1954 it was inaugurated as a town due to the completion of a house for the post office that later became the property of the Chilean Air Force. This contemporary and beautiful city with a maritime climate, typical of temperate latitudes and typical of the regions near the ocean, is located in the Patagonian mountain range, its main land access is through the Carretera Austral and in we tell you what you should know to arrive and mobilize in the capital of the province.

One of its most symbolic attractions is to appreciate the deformations caused by glaciers and the formations of ice fields in it through the Patagonian mountain range, where areas in the mountains accumulate with large amounts of snow and make this set of natural elements a wild landscape. Some of its most important water sources are the Baker River, the largest in Chile, and Lake Cochrane, which shares its effluents with the Argentine province of Santa Cruz, and can be navigated in small boats that connect with other rivers.

The Tamango National Reserve is surrounded by the Cochrane River and Lake, it is a large protected area that preserves endangered species and has privileged areas open to the public so that you can photograph and admire native flora and fauna without interfering or altering the balance of this magical ecosystem.

But these are not the only attractions, surrounding this area you can see lakes, lagoons, rivers and streams, which can be reached by land and in which in the winter they are filled with snow, promoting ecotourism and adventure. Cochrane offers multiple services of accommodation, commerce, typical gastronomy of the region, transportation and cultural activities such as the Chacabuco Valley, which is responsible for the conservation and protection of the Patagonian habitat in the area; Mount San Lorenzo, 3,706 meters high, is the second highest peak in the region.

At we tell you what you need to know to get there and get around in this beautiful commune, where the oceanic and dry climate in the summer, due to the northern Patagonian ice field, will give you a unique and unforgettable experience to enjoy new experiences and enjoy of the nature.

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