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Cholchol or "land of war", was so called due to the great resistance that the Mapuche Indians had when they were conquered by the Spanish. Cholchol is a town and commune of Chile, located in the Araucanía Region to the northwest of the city of Temuco. It is characterized by being a commune with very strong indigenous roots, even its economic development is based on the admiration that its predecessors had for the land, so most of its soils are worked in agricultural and forestry activities.

This beautiful town in southern Chile has a pleasant warm and temperate climate, although in winter it presents constant rainfall and its seasonal changes are very marked. The average annual temperature varies from 8 ° C to 18 ° C.

The great tourist attraction of Cholchol consists of knowing the 99 indigenous groups, and includes activities such as: sleeping in ruka-style cabins for a comfortable rest, sharing knowledge of this culture transmitted from generation to generation and tasting the variable gastronomy where mudai, chicha, merken, catutos and horse meat are the main typical dishes of these inherited recipes.

If you like to admire the perfection of nature, the commune has the Cholchol River among its water resources, whose waters are navigable by small boats in which several of its sections can be crossed. The Plaza de Armas is a large area made up of spaces to share and enjoy the outdoors while admiring the warmth of its wonderful gardens.

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