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Carahue is called "the city of Los Tres Pisos" due to its particular geography. This city stands out for being neat and with an attractive urban furniture design. The commune belongs to the Province of Cautín, in the Araucanía Region, and was founded as "La Imperial" by Pedro de Valdivia in 1551, and then took its current name after the occupation of Araucanía in 1882.

The city has a warm and rainy temperate climate, with rainfall throughout the year, although with less intensity during the summer. Among the main attractions of the commune is the Museum of the Steam Age, created in 1999 and which contains the world's largest collection of locomobiles. Most of its pieces are of British origin, and were used as a driving force in agricultural, industrial and forestry tasks during the 19th and 20th centuries. The Hanging Bridge is one of the attractions of Carahue, this bridge is over the Imperial River and was inaugurated in 1949. Next to the bridge there is the Parque de las Máquinas, a railway museum of the city that has wagons, cranes, fireplaces and two steam locomotives, both of European origin.

The Carahue coastal route allows access to a large number of beaches on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, among which we can name the Moncul, Casa de Piedra, Hueñalihuen, Lobería, Los Obispos and Coi-Coi. These beautiful beaches are visited especially in summer, mainly in February. When touring Carahue you can perceive an atmosphere of the old port that has several viewpoints, shops, wineries and an old train station whose lines at some point extended throughout the region.

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