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Cañete is a commune that belongs to the Arauco Province of the Biobío Region. With a warm climate and rainy winters, Cañete is an ideal commune for agriculture and with large forest areas. It limits to the north with the commune of Los Álamos, to the west with the Pacific Ocean, to the south with the communes of Tirúa and to the east with the coastal mountain range.

It is known as the "historic city", as it is one of the oldest cities in Chile. In its surroundings the Battle of Tucapel took place and it was there that Pedro de Valdivia died. The commune has several historical attractions such as the Mapuche Museum, open since 1977, which preserves a valuable ancestral heritage in which the life and culture of the Mapuches can be appreciated.

But Cañete also stands out for its more than 20 lagoons that serve as a tourist attraction. One of the most outstanding places is La Piedra del Águila, located 52 km away from Cañete within the Nahuelbuta National Park, a place that houses an extensive wild native flora and fauna. The access to this place is through a path that guides the hiker to Piedra del Águila. Once there, you can enjoy a natural viewpoint where you can fully appreciate the snow-capped mountains of the Andes Mountains, along with the majesty of the Pacific Ocean.

Another unmissable place is Lake Lanalhue, located 8 km south of Cañete on the western slope of the Nahuelbuta Mountain Range; It is known for its warm waters and for the presence of the black-necked swan. It offers the possibility of practicing nautical sports and enjoying tourist services.

Another tourist attraction is El Salto de Huillinco, a 22 meters high waterfall that is located 10 km north of Cañete.

This beautiful Chilean town is located 135 km south of Concepción, and 635 km away from Santiago, and can be reached by car through the Panamerican route number 5 or by bus with companies such as Pullman Tur and Buses Ríos, both available at is the platform where you find all the transportation options.



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