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Cabildo is a city that is located in the interior part of the Valparaíso Region, its name comes from the colonial era since this was the meeting place of the indigenous leaders who were the cabildos, at first it was called “Cabildo de los Indios” but after the independence process and the high mortality rate of the indigenous people, it was simply called the Cabildo. The main economic activity of this commune is agriculture, where the cultivation of avocados and lemons stands out, in the same way mining develops, especially in sectors such as El Melón, Cerro Negro or Pitipeumo.

Regarding the tourism sector, Cabildo offers a series of attractions such as archaeological sites with petroglyphs that show the Inca influence on the communities in the area. Other tourist attractions are Cerro Chache, which is a mountain more than 2,000 meters above sea level and attracts the attention of mountaineers who want to develop their own sport skills. On the other hand, there is Cerro del Inca, is a historical and archaeological manifesto of great scientific importance in Chile, it is located 12 km from the center of Cabildo, and has medium quality access, however, splendid landscapes are assured once reached the site.

Cabildo temperatures range from 0 ºC in winter to 35 ºC in summer, but since it is located in the central valley, near the foothills, this place enjoys a semi-arid temperate climate that has favored agricultural cultivation.

To get to Cabildo from Santiago the first and main option is through the Pan-American highway route number 5. If you want to travel by land but in a different way, the carpool or shared car is another travel alternative when you are looking to travel comfortably, safely and for less money, to access this option download the app and access the best options for your trip.



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