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ABOUT ancud

Ancud is a Chilean city located in the Chiloé province at Los Lagos Region, it’s also called “Great Valley” or “Fertile land”. This is a  city that tells stories through its museums and old construction, with a rainfall of approximately 3046 mm/year and a big cultural diversity thanks to its ethnic composition.

From Santiago, the main road to Ancud is through Route 5,where you need to pass the cities of Osorno, Río Bueno, Puerto Montt and another ones, until you reach the Canal of Chacao that will finally lead you to Chiloé island.

Ancud it’s a highly recommended tourist destination, it has a variety of places to know the gastronomy, history, architectural designs, biology and culture, like the Goleta de Ancud and one of the most important attractions, El Museo Regional de Ancud; the entry of this museum it’s free of charge and has very interesting information for the lovers of history  and the evolution of human settlements. It has a collection of over 2000 crafts,tools, photographs and texts that are proof of the evolution of this city and that are used for research and preservation of culture and history. There you can also find the skeleton of a 25 meter long blue whale, the most imposing  monument of the museum.

Another interesting destination within Ancud is the  Fuerte Real de San Antonio, built in 1770 by Lázaro de Rivera, who called it for the first time “Batería Campo Santo”. This place was the last Spanish authority that ruled in Chile, one of the Hispanic fortified sites in America, where you can admire 7 cannons facing the ocean and a construction called Polvorín, which is the place where the provisions of the cannons were stored.

There are a variety of restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine and which are renowned for their design, location and exclusivity; with a varied menu where dishes such as: fried hake, chilota potatoes and apple empanadas stand out. You can also find different craft stalls where the main raw material is cotton.

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