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Villa Alhué or Villa de San Gerónimo de la Sierra de Alhué is a Chilean commune located in Melipilla province in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago. Its main access road from Santiago is the Autopista  del Sol or Route 78, at we show you all you need to know to get there and move around this beautiful town that’s just 138 km away from the capital of the country.

Villa Alhué has been known in the course of time by its classical spanish architecture, specially at the parish of San Gerónimo de la Sierra de Alhué , named after the locality, it was one of the first constructions made when the town was founded in 1755, at that time the main economic activity was the mining of large gold deposits, which gave rise to social development in this province.

Alhué was named by the Ministry of Education as a National Historic Monument for preserving their local, religious traditions, maintaining lifestyles, culture and economic activity. Some of the traditions of this town are: rodeo, the dance of la cueca chilena and chilean races which are races between two horses in natural land. Each year in december 8th, it’s celebrated the Religious Festival of La Purísima, where there is a parade in honor of the virgin.

In 1985 an earthquake destroyed Melipilla, leaving only the structure of the parish and the museum house. Despite the earthquake and the changing climatic conditions, the parish of San Gerónimo de la Sierra de Alhué and the Casona de la Hacienda de Alhué have preserved their structure and architectural design, which makes them worth visiting for lovers of history and colonial style. Nowadays the house of the Alhué ranch is a museum that exposes the way of living of the citizens even before the earthquake, it shows carriages, weapons, cutlery and the distribution of corridors seen only at the time.

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