Terminal turbus de panguipulli

INFORMATION ON Terminal Turbus de Panguipulli

As part of the properties of one of the largest transportation companies in all of Chile, there is the Turbus de Panguipulli Terminal, located in the XIV Región de Los Ríos.

In this intercity bus station, you can buy tickets to national destinations such as Chillán, Gorbea, Lautaro, Loncoche, Pitrufquen, Santiago and Temuco.

The prices of the tickets vary according to the bus company, the destination and the type of seat you select.

Bus companies in Terminal Turbus de Panguipulli

The bus company that operates from this terminal is Turbus.

HOW TO REACH Terminal Turbus de Panguipulli?

The Turbus de Panguipulli Terminal is located at José Miguel Carrera Nº784, Panguipulli, Los Ríos Region, Chile.

Services in Terminal Turbus de Panguipulli

The services you will find in this terminal are WC and information points.


Destinations from Terminal Turbus de Panguipulli

Routes from Terminal Turbus de Panguipulli

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