Terminal rodoviario de laja

INFORMATION ON Terminal Rodoviario de Laja

Centrally located in the city of Laja we can find the Terminal Rodoviario de Laja, an intercity bus station of the Bío Bío region. 

In this intercity bus terminal, bus companies like Laja Express, Turbus, Línea Azul and others offer intercity transportation services from Laja to other national destinations such as Concepción, Los Ángeles, Santiago y Yumbel. Prices of the tickets vary depending on the user’s preferences on bus company, seat type and schedule.

Bus companies in Terminal Rodoviario de Laja

The bus companies in this terminal are: Turbus, Buses Línea Azul, Buses Jota Be, Buses La Laja.

Company Box office number Telephone Others
Jota Be (43) 253 3462 n/a, Laja Express (43) 235 2125

HOW TO REACH Terminal Rodoviario de Laja?

The Terminal Rodoviario de Laja is located at Balmaceda 460 in the city of Laja, in the Bío Bío region.

Services in Terminal Rodoviario de Laja

The services you will find in this terminal are: WC and information points.


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Routes from Terminal Rodoviario de Laja

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