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INFORMATION ON Terminal de buses de Angol

The Terminal de buses de Angol, also known as Terminal Rodoviario de Angol, is an intercity bus station located in Angol.

The city of Angol is one of the main connectivity points with the National Park Nahuelbuta, which makes a very large amount of tourists and travelers pass by its terminal with the purpose of discovering and enjoying the charms of the mythical land of Araucanía region.

In the Terminal de buses de Angol bus tickets can be bought from a variety of companies including Turbus, Buses JAC, Pullman Bus, Intersur, Pullman Cbeysur, Pullman JC, CruzMar and others. Different destinations are also available to travel from Angol, including Santiago, Victoria, Valdivia, Osorno, Temuco and more.

Bus companies in Terminal de buses de Angol

The bus companies that operate in the Angol Rodoviary Terminal are Turbus, Buses JAC, Pullman Bus, Buses JB, Pullman CBeysur, Pullman JC, Buses Cruz Mar.

Company Box office number Telephone Others
Buses JAC (45) 246 3709 7, Buses Jota Be (45) 271 2262

HOW TO REACH Terminal de buses de Angol?

The Terminal de buses de Angol is located at Gral. Oscar Bonilla 448 in the city of Angol, in the Araucanía region.

Services in Terminal de buses de Angol

The services you will find in this terminal are WC, food kiosks, luggage storage, charging points for mobile devices, TV, public telephones and information points.


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