Terminal de buses antofagasta

INFORMATION ON Terminal de Buses Antofagasta

The Cardenal Carlos Oviedo Cavada Bus Terminal, as it is also known, is a long-distance bus station in Antofagasta, Region II. This bus terminal was inaugurated in 2009, with an area of 7 thousand square meters, 19 platforms and a total investment of US $ 10 million.

This boarding point offers the services of restrooms, restaurants, cafes, shops, information on departures and arrivals of buses to passengers. Some of the national and international destinations that depart from this terminal are: Santiago, Iquique, La Serena, San Pedro de Atacama, Salta, Jujuy.



Bus companies in Terminal de Buses Antofagasta

Within the companies of the Bus Terminal of Antofagasta Oviedo Cavada are: Turbus, Pullman Bus, Flota Barrios, Atacama VIP, Buses Romani, among others. 

HOW TO REACH Terminal de Buses Antofagasta?

The Bus Terminal of Antofagasta Oviedo Cavada is located at Pedro Aguirre Cerda 5750, Antofagasta, Chile.

Services in Terminal de Buses Antofagasta

Some of the services offered by this terminal are: WC, souvenir shops, information points, television screens in the hall, cafes and restaurants.


Destinations from Terminal de Buses Antofagasta

Routes from Terminal de Buses Antofagasta

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