Terminal de buses alameda

INFORMATION ON Terminal de Buses Alameda

Located in the heart of Santiago you will find Bus Terminal Alameda, in which it belongs to the Metropolitan Region, and it is one of the six terminals that are in Santiago.

The prices of the tickets vary according to the bus company, the destination and the type of seat you select.


Bus companies in Terminal de Buses Alameda

Only three bus companies operate from this intercity bus station:Turbus, Pullman Bus, and Pullman Sur.

HOW TO REACH Terminal de Buses Alameda?

The Bus Terminal Alameda is located on Avenida Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 3750, Central Station, Metropolitan Region.

Services in Terminal de Buses Alameda

The services you will find in this terminal are: public bathrooms (the price is $250), ticket printing machines bought online, cyber, Western Union and information points.


Destinations from Terminal de Buses Alameda

Routes from Terminal de Buses Alameda

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