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About Pullman Santa María

Buses Pullman Santa Maria is a bus company that offers intercity services and covers several routes in the south of Chile. The company was founded in 2001 by the Iturrieta family.

Pullman Santa Maria has routes for the cities of Concepcion, Talcahuano, Carampague, Curanilahue, Cerro Alto, Cañete, Tirúa, Los Alamos, Lebu, Temuco, and Carahue.

Buses Pullman Santa María has the services of intercity buses and cargo services of suitcases, freights, and movers.

The company's fleet consists of 20 buses and according to the undersecretary transport, the infraction rate is 60%. This means that during the second half of 2016, out of every 100 controls, in 60 they had some infraction due to faults to the technical and safety conditions.

Pullman Santa Maria offers two types of seat, which can be:

  • Executive: supports heads, blanket, air conditioning, among others.
  • Semi Bed: headrest, blanket, air conditioning, footrest and greater resting.

The head office is located in Quinta Normal at Gaspar de Orense 885, Santiago.

From Santiago, the buses depart from the terminals: South Terminal

In other regions:

  • Terminal O'Higgins of Rancagua
  • Collao Terminal of Concepción


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Information of Pullman Santa María

Teléfono: +56 22 7641450
Sitio web:

Oficinas y teléfonos de Buses Pullman Bus Santa María

  • Santiago: 

Casa Matriz Gaspar de Orense Fono: +56 2 2357 4156
Terminal Sur. Fono: +56 2 2764 1781

  • Rancangua:

Terminal de Buses O'Higgins Fono: +56 72 240 151


Ignacio Carrera Pinto S/N
Chile  -  
Tel: 977047611
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Los Alamos
Ignacio Carrera Pinto 635
Chile  -  
See on Google Maps
Carrera 666
Chile  -  
Tel: 41 251 17 93
See on Google Maps
Serrano 261 - Terminal Pedro de Valdivia
Chile  -  
Tel: 41 261 23 33
See on Google Maps
Riquelme 757
Chile  -  
Tel: 41 253 46 34
See on Google Maps
Monsalve s/n
Chile  -  
Tel: 41 257 19 21
See on Google Maps
Javiera Carrera 117 Lomas Coloradas - San Pedro
Chile  -  
Tel: 41 334 46 12
See on Google Maps
Terminal O´Higgins - oficina N° 52
Chile  -  
Tel: 72 224 01 51
See on Google Maps
Terminal Rodoviario - oficina N° 3
Chile  -  
See on Google Maps
O'higgins S/N
Chile  -  
See on Google Maps
Gaspar de Orense 524 Quinta Normal
Chile  -  
Tel: 22 357 4156
See on Google Maps
Manuel Thompson N° 4050 Estación Central
Chile  -  
Tel: 22 776 2447
See on Google Maps
Terminal SurNicasio Retamales 044, Estación central Oficina 70Metro: Universidad de Santiago
Chile  -  
Tel: 22 764 1781
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Destinations of Pullman santa maría

Pullman Santa Maria reported median infringement rate of 27% between January 2013 to December 2014.

Between July to December 2014 for every 100 audits, 32 cases of technical and security violations were found. Buses Pullman Santa Maria never reported infringement rate above 34% and below 18%.

The 16 buses in the fleet of Buses Pullman Santa Maria were audited 60 times during the first half of 2015, where over 75% of the time not found any technical fault and / or safety.

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Routes and Prices of Pullman Santa María

Route First Bus Price
Rancagua to Laraquete 12:15 AM Book
Rancagua to Carampangue 12:15 AM Book
Rancagua to Curanilahue 12:15 AM Book
Rancagua to Cerro Alto 12:15 AM Book
Rancagua to Cañete 12:15 AM Book
Santiago to Rancagua 10:10 PM Book
Santiago to Laraquete 10:10 PM Book
Santiago to Carampangue 10:10 PM Book
Santiago to Curanilahue 10:10 PM Book
Santiago to Cerro Alto 10:10 PM Book
Santiago to Cañete 10:10 PM Book
Santiago to Tirua 10:10 PM Book
Santiago to Los Alamos 10:30 PM Book
Santiago to Lebu 10:30 PM Book
Rancagua to Tirua 11:20 PM Book
Rancagua to Los Alamos 11:35 PM Book
Rancagua to Lebu 11:35 PM Book