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Iquique se encuentra a 388 kilómetros Calama. La duración del viaje en promedio es de 18 horas, en categoría semi cama, cama o premium dependiendo de la compañía de buses, las que atraviesan la Ruta 5 Sur que conecta ambas ciudades.

En Iquique la salida de buses es desde Terminal de Buses de Iquique. Los buses llegan a Calama al Terminal de Expreso Norte de Calama o a los establecidos por las empresas de buses.


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Buses de Iquique a Calama

Las empresas de buses que ofrecen servicios en esta ruta son: Expreso Norte, Kenny Bus, Turbus, SRT Cielo y Vía Géminis.

About Iquique

Iquique is a city of the first Region of Tarapacá being one of the northern cities known for the beauty of its beaches and its coastal desert climate that simulates an eternal summer. From Iquique you can visit the Pica Oasis, famous for its agricultural products in the Atacama desert and for its wells known as "chocas", suitable for bathing. You can also visit historical sites such as the Humberstone and Santa Laura nitrate mines. Less than an hour away is the town of La Tirana, where one of the largest religious festivals in Chile takes place around La Virgen del Carmen. The obligatory visit is to the ZOFRI, free zone where you can find multiple products free of taxes. There are many hotels in Iquique, among which the Hotel Diego de Almagro and the Hotel Terrado stand out.

About Calama

Calama is the point of arrival for those who wish to visit one of the mandatory destinations of tourists visiting Chile, San Pedro de Atacama, which has among its attractions the saltwater Laguna Cejar. Calama is one hour from San Pedro de Atacama and has a population that is mainly dedicated to mining due to the large number of mining deposits in the area, including one of the largest in Chile-Chuquicamata. Calama has prominent hotels, such as the Hotel Diego de Almagro.

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