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About Expreso Quillota

Buses Expreso Quillota ​is a company dedicated to interurban transportation into the central zone of Chile. Their services connect different cities of the Valparaíso Region with Santiago

Though the company recently entered this market, the high level of demand that exists in these zones has allowed Buses Expreso Quillota a place without many difficulties, turning into a strong competitor for the rest of the companies.

Thanks to this, Buses Expreso Quillota extended its services to offer special trips and cargos inside their zone.

Buses Expreso Quillota has services to the cities of Quillota, Quintero, and La Calera, in the Valparaiso Region; and Santiago in the Metropolitan Region.

Departures from these places have a daily frequency, with 30 minutes between each of them, from 04.30 am during the week, 06.00 am on Saturdays, and 14.30 pm on Sundays. 

These departures are from the San Borja Terminal, located in the Estación Central metro station. 

Buses Expreso Quillota knows how important is the cost that signifies to move frequently between these regions, that's why actually they're offering reachable taxes to their clients. 

According to that, is possible to find prices around $3000 in a one-way trip and $5000 in a two way trip from Quillota to Santiago.

In total, the company keeps operating a float composed for 14 buses of the brasilian brand Marcopolo. with an average of 11 years of antiquity. 

According to the Subsecretary of Transportation, for every 100 audits done during the second semester of 2015, the enterprise obtained 22 infractions for a luck of technical and security conditions.

Despite the high amount of infractions, the company has made important efforts to keep their buses in optimal conditions, following all the requirements asked for the authorities and guaranteeing their security in each one of the trips of their passengers.

To purchase bus tickets to La Calera or any other destination offered by Buses Expreso Quillota, travelers can visit their agencies located in the respective terminals of their destinations or on 


Information of Expreso Quillota

Founding date
Head office
Website’s languages Spanish
Fleet size 14
Main destinations Quillota, Santiago, Ventana
Departures from Santiago T. san borja
Expreso Quillota telefono
Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking    3.61581 <strong>%{name}</strong> tiene una calificación promedio de %{rating} sobre 5 puntos en, de acuerdo a los comentarios de %{ratings_customers_count} usuarios que viajaron con <strong>%{name}</strong> en los últimos 6 meses y que evaluaron los criterios: Puntualidad, servicio, atención y calidad del bus.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the shortest and the longest route covered by Expreso Quillota?

Shortest route is Ventana to Puchuncaví
Longest route is Horcon to Santiago.


What is the contact details of Expreso Quillota?

Customer support of Expreso Quillota is


Cancelation process and charges of Expreso Quillota online tickets?

Users can easily cancel Expreso Quillota tickets online on Expreso There is a 15% cancelation fees for tickets cancelled within minimum four hours before the scheduled departure. Online tickets can not be cancelled within four hours of scheduled departure.


What is the ticket price of Expreso Quillota?

Cheapest route is Horcon to Ventana: CLP$2000
Most expensive route is Ventana to El Melón: CLP$9000.


What are the main routes of Expreso Quillota?

Main routes of Expreso Quillota are following:
Quillota to Santiago CLP$3000.0, Quillota to Llay Llay CLP$6000.0, Santiago to Quillota CLP$4000.0


Expreso Quillota site language compatibility?

Expreso Quillota official site is available in three different languages: Spanish
Expreso Quillota Chile in spanish: -
Expreso Quillota Chile in english: -
Expreso Quillota Chile en portuguese: -

Agencia Puchuncaví
Av. Principal S/N
Puchuncaví,  Valparaíso
See on Google Maps
Agencia Puchuncaví
Pedro Aldunate Solar 1391
Puchuncaví,  Valparaíso
See on Google Maps
Agencia Puchuncaví
Latorre 424
Puchuncaví,  Valparaíso
See on Google Maps
Agencia Santiago
San Francisco de Borja 184
Santiago,  Región Metropolitana
See on Google Maps
Agencia Quillota
Tte Ignacio Serrano 550
Quillota,  Valparaíso
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Destinations of Expreso quillota

From each 100 audits, in 22 occasions they had an infraction for luck in the technical and security conditions. The buses float is 14 buses from December 31st,  2015. It counts with buses fabricated in 2008 or above and their average antiquity is 11,4 years. 

Routes and prices of Expreso Quillota

Route First Bus Price
Santiago to Quillota 09:10 AM Book
Santiago to Huertos Familiares 09:10 AM Book
Santiago to Rungue 09:10 AM Book
Santiago to Montenegro 09:10 AM Book
Santiago to La Calera 09:00 AM Book
Quillota to Llay Llay 06:45 AM Book
Quillota to Santiago 05:10 AM Book
Santiago to Horcon 09:00 AM Book
Santiago to Llay Llay 09:00 AM Book
Horcon to Santiago 06:55 AM Book
Santiago to Nogales 09:00 AM Book
Ventana to Santiago 07:05 AM Book
Santiago to Puchuncaví 09:00 AM Book
Santiago to Ventana 09:00 AM Book
Horcon to Ventana 06:55 AM Book
Puchuncaví to Santiago 07:10 AM Book
Horcon to Llay Llay 06:55 AM Book
Ventana to Puchuncaví 07:05 AM Book
Ventana to Maitencillo 07:05 AM Book
Ventana to La Laguna De Zapallar 07:05 AM Book
Ventana to Catapilco 07:05 AM Book
Ventana to El Melón 07:05 AM Book
Ventana to Llay Llay 07:05 AM Book
Puchuncaví to Llay Llay 07:10 AM Book
Santiago to El Melón 09:00 AM Book
Santiago to Catapilco 09:00 AM Book
Maitencillo to Santiago 07:20 AM Book
La Laguna De Zapallar to Santiago 07:25 AM Book
Santiago to La Laguna De Zapallar 09:00 AM Book
Catapilco to Santiago 07:45 AM Book
El Melón to Santiago 07:55 AM Book
Santiago to Maitencillo 09:00 AM Book
Llay Llay to Ventana 10:20 AM Book
La Calera to Ventana 10:35 AM Book
Nogales to Ventana 10:45 AM Book
El Melón to Ventana 10:50 AM Book
Catapilco to Ventana 11:00 AM Book
La Laguna De Zapallar to Ventana 11:20 AM Book
Maitencillo to Ventana 11:25 AM Book
Puchuncaví to Ventana 11:35 AM Book
Ventana to Horcon 11:40 AM Book
Horcon to Nogales 05:30 PM Book
Ventana to Nogales 05:40 PM Book
Llay Llay to Santiago 04:35 AM Book