About Cormar Bus

Cormar Bus is an interurban bus company with more than 30 years in the field of passenger transport. It was founded by Guillermo Araya. Cormar Bus is a company that cares about offering the best passenger transfer service, and that is why it has been equipped with buses and last generation buses with the support of its manufacturers such as Marcopolo, Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Scania. .

Cormar Bus currently has a fleet of 15 taxi bus with reclining seats and 5 bus with semi-bed seats. All these units were purchased between 2010 and 2013. The company has its own parking and maintenance service with trained personnel so that in this way the machines are always in optimal conditions to provide a quality service.

Cormar Bus offers leather seats with a maximum inclination of 60º, heating and air conditioning, snack, attendant service on board, TV / DVD, pillow and blankets.

Currently Cormar Bus destinations are: Ovalle, La Serena and Coquimbo.

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Information of Cormar Bus

Founding date 1988
Head office Información no disponible
Website Información no disponible
Website’s languages Spanish, English, Portuguese
Fleet size 5
Main destinations Santiago, La Serena, Ovalle
Departures from Santiago Terminal san borja
Cormar Bus telefono Información no disponible
Cargo Información no disponible
Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking    4.47672 star rating based on users reviews

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the total number of routes covered by Cormar Bus on daily basis?

Cormar Bus covers 28 routes (approx.) on daily basis.


What is the shortest and the longest route covered by Cormar Bus?

Shortest route is Ovalle to La Serena
Longest route is Ovalle to Calama.


What is the contact details of Cormar Bus?

Customer support of Cormar Bus is Información no disponible


Cancelation process and charges of Cormar Bus online tickets?

Users can easily cancel Cormar Bus tickets online on Cormar There is a 15% cancelation fees for tickets cancelled within minimum four hours before the scheduled departure. Online tickets can not be cancelled within four hours of scheduled departure.


What is the ticket price of Cormar Bus?

Cheapest route is Ovalle to La Serena: CLP$3300
Most expensive route is Ovalle to Calama: CLP$33000.


What are the main routes of Cormar Bus?

Main routes of Cormar Bus are following:
Ovalle to La Serena CLP$3300.0, Ovalle to Calama CLP$33000.0, Ovalle to Sierra Gorda CLP$33000.0


Cormar Bus site language compatibility?

Cormar Bus official site is available in three different languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.
Cormar Bus Chile in spanish: - Información no disponible
Cormar Bus Chile in english: - Información no disponible
Cormar Bus Chile en portuguese: - Información no disponible

Terminal Rodoviario Oficina 25
Coquimbo,  Región de Coquimbo
Chile  -  
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La serena
Terminal La Serena oficina 7
La Serena,  Región de Coquimbo
Chile  -  
Tel: 051 - 2 226307
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Ariztia Oriente 160
Ovalle,  Región de Coquimbo
Chile  -  
Tel: 053 - 2 632467
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Routes and Prices of Cormar Bus

Route First Bus Price
Ovalle to La Serena 03:00 PM Book
Ovalle to Santiago 02:00 AM Book
Santiago to Ovalle 04:10 PM Book
La Serena to Ovalle 12:20 AM Book
La Serena to Santiago 12:20 AM Book
Santiago to La Serena 04:10 PM Book
Ovalle to Calama 03:00 PM Book
Ovalle to Chañaral 03:00 PM Book
Ovalle to Taltal 03:00 PM Book
Ovalle to Antofagasta 03:00 PM Book
Ovalle to Sierra Gorda 03:00 PM Book
La Serena to Antofagasta 04:30 PM Book
La Serena to Sierra Gorda 04:30 PM Book
La Serena to Calama 04:30 PM Book