About PlussChile

PlussChile was born with the idea of delivering a modern intercity transport service. Its founders have extensive experience in the industry, as they are part of the Ciktuvic family, owner of Ciktur who left the management of the company to offer a different service proposal in the northern part of the country.

It has more than 40 up-to-date buses, equipped with GPS and monitoring system through security cameras installed throughout its fleet. It also has an onboard entertainment service that seeks to give the traveler a complete and enjoyable travel experience.

Its buses are of Brazilian origin working with brands like Marcopolo and Mascarello. They have high-decker and double-decker buses for passenger and industrial divisions.  

It offers two types of seat:

  • Semi Bed: Reclining leather seats up to 160°, with footrest, headrest, air conditioning, heating, blanket, LCD for each passenger in some units.
  • Lounge Bed: Reclining leather seats up to 120°, footrest, headrest, air conditioning, LCD for each passenger and on board service.

Its main objective is to provide a safe bus service, where passengers feel comfortable along their trip arriving on time to their destinations.

Its main destinations include Santiago and cities in the north of Chile as: Ovalle, Coquimbo, La Serena, Copiapó,  Antofagasta, Sierra Gorda and Calama. From Santiago, Pluss Chile has its boarding point at the San Borja Terminal.

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Information of PlussChile

Call Center: +56 2 26419926
Sitio Web:
Facebook: Buses Pluss Chile

Oficinas y teléfono de PlussChile

  • Santiago: Terminal San Borja, Oficinas 69 y 37B. Horario de Atención: 06:30 a 00:00 horas. Fono: +56 9 44068145.
  • Ovalle: Terminal Media Luna, Oficina 4. Horario de Atención: Lunes a Sábado 06:30 hs a 02:00 horas y Domingo 08:00 a 02:00 horas. Fono: +56 53 2621057.
  • Coquimbo: Terminal Rodoviario de Coquimbo, Oficina 3. Horario de Atención: Lunes a Sábado 06:30 hs a 02:00 horas y Domingo 08:00 a 02:00 horas. Fono: +56 51 2311281.
  • La Serena: Terminal de La Serena, Oficina 11D. Horario de Atención continuado. Fono: +56 51 2674286.
  • Copiapó: Calle Chañarcillo 690B. Horario de Atención: 07:00 a 00:30 horas. Fono: +56 9 44068044.
  • Antofagasta: Terminal Carlos Oviedo Cavada, Oficina 13. Horario de Atención: Domingo a Viernes horario continuado y Sábado de 08:00 a 00:00 horas. Fono: +56 55 2982604 / +56 55 2674568.
  • Antofagasta (sub-agencia): Calle Paraguay 846. Horario de Atención: 07:00 a 22:30 horas. Fono: +56 55 2254377.
  • Sierra Gorda: Av. Salvador Allende 400, Local C. Horario de Atención: 08:00 a 22:30 horas. Fono: +56 55 3210046
  • Calama: Calle Balmaceda 1940. Horario de Atención: 07:00 a 22:30 horas. Fono: +56 55 2314689.


Calle Balmaceda 1940
Tel: 552314689
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Sierra Gorda
Avenida Salvador Allende 400, Local C
Tel: 553210046
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Antofagasta (sub-agencia)
Calle Paraguay 846
Tel: 552254377
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Terminal Carlos Oviedo Cavada, Oficina 13
Tel: 552982604
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El Salvador
Avenida Potrerillos 701B
Tel: 522510181
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Diego de Almagro
Juan Martínez 1105, Local 12
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Calle Chañarcillo 690B
Tel: 944068044
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La Serena
Terminal de La Serena, Oficina 11D
Tel: 512674286
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Terminal Rodoviario de Coquimbo, Oficina 3
Tel: 512311281
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Terminal Media Luna, Oficina 4
Tel: 53 2621057
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Terminal San Borja, Oficinas 69 y 37B
Tel: 944068145
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Destinations of Plusschile

Currently there's no security information available about Buses PlussChile.

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