About Luna Express

Pullman Luna Express is an intercity passenger bus transportation company founded in 2007 and is part of the Empresas Luna, composed of Luna Seguridad Integral and Luna Travel Express.

Buses Luna Express is not only engaged an intercity bus transportation business but the company is also engaged in providing bus services to the mining companies and for tourism purpose.

The company stands out for offering its clients speed, comfort and safety.

Currently, it offers tours between Santiago, Rancagua, Los Ángeles, Collipulli, Ercilla, Victoria, Traiguén, Perquenco, Lautaro, Chol Chol, Temuco, Labranza, Nueva Imperial, Puerto Saavedra, Villarrica, Coñaripe, Loncoche, y Panguipulli.

Pullman Luna Express fleet consists of 54 buses, of which 61,1% were audited during the second half of 2016; of the total of the inspections, according to the Undersecretary of transportation offence was committed in 35,7% of cases.

Buses Luna Express offers two types of seat:

  • Executive: supports heads, blanket, air conditioning and leather seats.
  • Semi Cama: it supports heads, support for feet, blanket, air-conditioning, seats in leather with more distance between them.

Luna Express is headquartered in the Gran Avenida 9682, El Bosque.

From Santiago, Buses Luna Express departs from following terminals

  • Terminal San Borja
  • Terminal Sur

From other regions it departs from following terminals:

  • Terminal Santa María en Los Ángeles
  • Terminal de Nueva Imperial
  • Terminal de La Araucanía en Temuco
  • Terminal de Panguipulli


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Information of Luna Express

Call Center: +56 2 25270577

Sitio Web: 


Oficinas y teléfono Luna Express

Sucursal Dirección Fono
Carahue Calle Pedro de Valdivia 52 +56 45 2652557
Chol Chol Av. Lazcano 584 +56 9 50843091
Freire Calle Almirante Linch 299 +56 9 50128272
Lican Ray General Urrutia 445 +56 45 2431471
Panguipulli Gabriela Mistral 1000 +56 9 99753236
Nueva Imperial Calle Anibal Pinto 200 +56 45 2611419
Puerto Saavedra Calle Ejército 1224 +56 9 79255225
Rancagua Alameda 484 (Terminal) +56 72 2225425
Santiago Nicasio Retamales 44 Of. 13 y 52 +56 2 27794328
Temuco  Calle Vicente Pérez Rosales (Rodoviario Temuco) +56 45 2315325

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Terminal RodoviarioVicente Pérez Rosales 01609
Chile  -  
Tel: 4 5231 5325
See on Google Maps
Terminal SurNicasio Retamales 044, Estación central Oficina 52 - 13Metro: Universidad de Santiago
Chile  -  
Tel: 2 2779 4328 - 2 2779 4328
See on Google Maps
Puerto Saavadra
Calle Ejercito 1224
Chile  -  
Tel: 9 7925 5225
See on Google Maps
Alameda 0484Terminal
Chile  -  
Tel: 7 2222 5425
See on Google Maps
Nueva Imperial
Calle anibal pinto 200
Chile  -  
Tel: 9 5261 1419
See on Google Maps
Gabriela Mistral 1000
Chile  -  
Tel: 9 9975 3236, 9 5768 5388
See on Google Maps
Lican Ray
Gerente Urrutia 445
Chile  -  
Tel: 4 5243 1471
See on Google Maps
Calle Almirante Linch 299
Chile  -  
Tel: 9 5012 8272
See on Google Maps
Chol Chol
Avenida lazcano 584
Chile  -  
Tel: 9 5084 3091
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Chile  -  
Tel: 4 5265 2557
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Destinations of Luna express

Pullman Luna Express reported median infringement rate of 20% between January 2013 to December 2014.

Between July to December 2014 for every 100 audits, 21 cases of technical and security violations were found. Luna Express never reported infringement rate above 22% and below 15%.

Pullman Luna Express has taken enough responsibility with the control of risks associated with its activity, so it performs ongoing evaluations to their procedures and changes when these are needed. It is as well as in 500 controls carried out in their buses during the first half of the year 2015, 70% of these raffled off successfully and did not present the technical requirements and security failures.

Images of Luna Express

Luna Express VÍDEO

Routes and Prices of Luna Express

Route First Bus Price
Carahue to Santiago 09:40 AM Book
Nueva Imperial to Santiago 10:10 AM Book
Labranza to Santiago 10:25 AM Book
Santiago to Nueva Imperial 10:30 AM Book
Santiago to Pto Saavedra 10:30 AM Book
Santiago to Carahue 10:30 AM Book
Santiago to Puerto Saavedra 10:30 AM Book
Rancagua to Carahue 11:40 AM Book
Rancagua to Nueva Imperial 11:40 AM Book
Rancagua to Pto Saavedra 11:40 AM Book
Panguipulli to Santiago 08:15 PM Book
CoÑaripe to Santiago 08:15 PM Book
Malalhue to Santiago 08:35 PM Book
Licanray to Santiago 08:45 PM Book
Santiago to Temuco 09:00 PM Book
Santiago to Panguipulli 09:00 PM Book
Santiago to Loncoche 09:00 PM Book
Lanco to Santiago 09:00 PM Book
Santiago to Lanco 09:00 PM Book
Santiago to Malalhue 09:00 PM Book
Loncoche to Santiago 09:30 PM Book
Villarrica to Santiago 09:30 PM Book
Gorbea to Santiago 09:55 PM Book
Freire to Santiago 10:05 PM Book
Rancagua to Loncoche 10:10 PM Book
Rancagua to Lanco 10:10 PM Book
Rancagua to Panguipulli 10:10 PM Book
Rancagua to Temuco 10:10 PM Book
Rancagua to Malalhue 10:10 PM Book
Santiago to Licanray 10:30 PM Book
Santiago to Villarrica 10:30 PM Book
Santiago to CoÑaripe 10:30 PM Book
Santiago to Freire 10:30 PM Book
Rancagua to Freire 11:40 PM Book
Rancagua to Villarrica 11:40 PM Book
Rancagua to Licanray 11:40 PM Book
Rancagua to CoÑaripe 11:40 PM Book