About Buses Libac

Buses Libac offers intercity bus services to the North of Chile, with transfer of parcels and cargos since 1964. The initial objective was to connect the cities of Coquimbo and La Serena with the Atacama Region. Nowadays Buses Libac extended its coverage area, offering new routes to and from Santiago, Copiapó, Ovalle and Vallenar.

Thanks to the routes that Buses Libac offers, travelers can take all tours offered at Viñas de Ovalle or La Pampilla and the Pesquero Artesanal Port of Coquimbo.

Buses Libac owns 26 buses of different brands as Busscar, Comil and Marcopolo (from Brazil), and Modasa (manufactured in Perú). It has double decker buses used on long routes and high decker buses with large luggage compartments used on short journeys. The average of its buses is 8 years and offers two types of seats:

  • Salon Semi Cama: Supports heads, blanket, air conditioning, among others.
  • Salon Cama: Supports heads, blanket, air conditioning, individual seat row and greater recline. It also gives a snack on board.
  • Salon Cama Platinum: In addition to the above, the seats offer a completely horizontal resting and individual headphones.

From Santiago, buses depart from the Terminal:

  • San Borja
  • Los Héroes

In other regions:

  • Terminal of Ovalle
  • Rodoviario of Coquimbo
  • Rodoviario La Serena
  • Terminal of Vallenar


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Information of Buses Libac

Call Center: +56 2 2648940
Sitio web:

Oficinas y teléfonos de Buses Libac:

  • Santiago: Terminal San Borja, San Borja Nº 84, Estación Central. Fono: +56 2 2778 7071.
  • Ovalle: Terminal de Ovalle, Oficina 20. Fono: +53 263 0861.
  • Coquimbo: Terminal Rodoviario de Coquimbo, Varela Nº 1300, Oficina 16. Fono: +51 232 1607.
  • La Serena: Terminal Rodoviario La Serena, Av. El Santo, Oficina 9-A. Fono: +51 222 6101.
  • Vallenar: Terminal Vallenar, Prat Nº 137. Fono: +51 613 755
  • Copiapó: Terminal Copiapó. Fono: +52 212 237
  • Los Vilos: Caupolicán 1155. Fono: +53 254 1853
  • Illapel: Terminal de buses, San Martin 260, Oficina 8. Fono: +53 252 1308
  • Salamanca: O'Higgins 473, Pasaje Pratt. Fono: +53 255 3296

Terminal San Borja
San Borja 184
Santiago,  Región Metropolitana
Chile  -  
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Buses Libac Salamanca
Salamanca,  Región de Coquimbo
Chile  -  
Tel: (53) 2553296
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Buses Libac Illapel
Terminal de Buses IllapelSAN MARTÍN 260, OF. 8
Illapel,  Región de Coquimbo
Chile  -  
Tel: (53) 2521308
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Buses Libac Los Vilos
Los Vilos,  Región de Coquimbo
Chile  -  
Tel: (53) 2541853
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Buses Libac Copiapó
Terminal de Buses CopiapóCHAÑARCILLO N°655
Copiapó,  Región de Atacama
Chile  -  
Tel: (52) 212237
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Buses Libac Vallenar
Terminal de Buses VallenarPRAT N°137
Vallenar,  Región de Atacama
Chile  -  
Tel: (51) 613755
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Buses Libac La Serena
La Serena,  Región de Coquimbo
Chile  -  
Tel: (51) 226101
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Destinations of Buses libac

According to the Subsecretary of Transport, Buses Libac violation rate is 39.4%, this means that, during the second half of the year 2014, of every 1000 controls, 394 had any infringement by failures to the technical conditions and safety.

The median infringement rate of Buses Libac between January 2013 to December 2014 was 31%. Between July to December 2014, on every 100 audits the company reported only 39 cases of infringements due to technical or security failure. Buses Libac never reported infringement rate above 40% and below 29%.

Images of Buses Libac

Buses Libac VÍDEO

Routes and Prices of Buses Libac

Route First Bus Price
La Serena to Santiago 12:35 AM Book
Coquimbo to Santiago 12:55 AM Book
Coquimbo to Vallenar 02:15 AM Book
Coquimbo to Copiapo 02:15 AM Book
La Serena to Vallenar 02:45 AM Book
La Serena to Copiapo 02:45 AM Book
Vallenar to Copiapo 05:15 AM Book
La Serena to Salamanca 04:00 PM Book
La Serena to Los Vilos 04:00 PM Book
La Serena to Illapel 04:00 PM Book
Coquimbo to Los Vilos 04:30 PM Book
Coquimbo to Illapel 04:30 PM Book
Coquimbo to Salamanca 04:30 PM Book
Copiapo to Santiago 08:00 PM Book
Copiapo to Vallenar 08:00 PM Book
Copiapo to La Serena 08:00 PM Book
Copiapo to Coquimbo 08:00 PM Book
Santiago to Copiapo 08:15 PM Book
Santiago to Coquimbo 08:15 PM Book
Santiago to La Serena 08:15 PM Book
Santiago to Vallenar 08:15 PM Book
Vallenar to La Serena 09:50 PM Book
Vallenar to Santiago 09:50 PM Book
Salamanca to Coquimbo 11:45 PM Book
Salamanca to La Serena 11:45 PM Book