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Buses Jota Ewert is a transportation brand that is part of Buses Bio Bio, founded by Carlos Bugmann Spielmann in Temuco in 1960. Its first routes were between Temuco and Concepción with only two units.

The first trips of that route lasted approximately 7 hours and passed through the localities of Victoria, Collipulli, Los Angeles, Bulnes and Quellón. Currently, this route takes 3 hours between the point of origin and the destination.

Simultaneously and for the satisfaction of the need this means of transport was used to shipment of parcels, for that reason that by 1963 this work will be formalized under the name of Service of Transportation of Commissions Bio Bio.

Little by little Bio Bio buses were consolidating in the market and the demand every day was greater, reason why new routes were integrated, being first in the cities of Angol, Nacimiento, Santa Juana and Concepción by the wood route.

All work, constancy and work resulted in the company expanding into the country, reaching the Eighth and Ninth Region by the coastal route, which led to the birth of Buses Jota Ewert, a fleet that is responsible for offering the transportation services to the cities of Temuco, Victoria, Curacautín, Lonquimay, Collipulli, Angol, Santa Juana, Los Angeles, Concepcion, Chillan, Parral, Arauco, Curucailahue, Lebu, Cañete, Contulmo, Purén, Tirúa and Capitán Pastene.

In Terminal Buses Jota Ewert, located in Lincoyán 1425, Concepción, you can buy tickets to the towns of Chillán, Cerro Alto, Los Angeles, Parral, Renaico, Santiago. This offers the services of public bathrooms, costumer service, tickets sele and coffee store that sells food and drinks.

In Temuco, its offices are located in the Bus Terminal of La Araucanía.


Information of Jota Ewert

Teléfono: +56 41 2185319
Sitio web:

Oficinas y teléfonos de Buses Jota Ewert

  • Temuco: 

Terminal de Buses de La Araucanía. Fono: +56 45 246 44 25 

  • Concepción:

Terminal de Buses Jota Ewert. Fono: +56 41 285 55 87 

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