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About Buses Géminis

Buses Géminis is an intercity passenger bus company founded in 1965 based at the North of Chile, specifically in El Loa province, city of Calama.

Buses Géminis offers bus tickets to the following destinations: Arica, Calama, and Salta in Argentina. From Arica, Buses Géminis depart from the Terminal Rodoviario Arica. It also offers transportation of fuel, freight and transportation services.

Buses Géminis operates in four business divisions Intercity Transportation services, Technological solution to the transportation industry, Cargo business and Tourism services. Buses Géminis offers special bus to elite mining companies for over 47 years including CODELCO (since 1968).

Buses Géminis is the first transport company to get certified under standard ISO 9001:2000 in the region (year 2003). Buses Géminis extended the certification in the year 2005, integrating standards ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999 (first nationwide transport company to receive such certification).


Information of Buses Géminis

Founding date 1965
Head office Calle Antofagasta 2239, Calama, Chile.
Website’s languages Spanish, English, Portuguese
Fleet size 7
Main destinations
Departures from Santiago
Buses Géminis telefono +56 55 2 892 043
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the shortest and the longest route covered by Buses Géminis?


What is the contact details of Buses Géminis?

Customer support of Buses Géminis is +56 55 2 892 043


Cancelation process and charges of Buses Géminis online tickets?

Users can easily cancel Buses Géminis tickets online on Buses Gé There is a 15% cancelation fees for tickets cancelled within minimum four hours before the scheduled departure. Online tickets can not be cancelled within four hours of scheduled departure.


What is the ticket price of Buses Géminis?


What are the main routes of Buses Géminis?

Main routes of Buses Géminis are following:


Buses Géminis site language compatibility?

Buses Géminis official site is available in three different languages: Spanish
Buses Géminis Chile in spanish: -
Buses Géminis Chile in english: - Información no disponible
Buses Géminis Chile en portuguese: - Información no disponible

Call Center: 56 55 2892043
Sitio web:
Facebook: Buses Geminis

Oficinas y teléfono de Buses Geminis

  • Arica: Av. Diego Portales 948 (Terminal de Arica). Fono: +56 58 2351465
  • Iquique: Patricio Lynch Nº50 (Terminal de Iquique). Fono: +56 57 2362475
  • Antofagasta: Almirante Juan José Latorre 3055 (Terminal de Antofagasta). Fono: +56 58 2892059

Ver mas oficinas en:

Agencia Salta
Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen 399
Salta,  Salta
Tel: (+54 387) 431 7778
See on Google Maps
Agencia Antofagasta
Antofagasta 2239
Antofagasta,  Antofagasta
Tel: (+56 55) 289 2043
See on Google Maps
Agencia San Pedro de Atacama
Calle Socaire S/N
San Pedro de Atacama,  Antofagasta
Tel: (+56 55) 289 2049
See on Google Maps
Agencia Iquique
Patricio Lynch 50
Iquique,  Tarapacá
Tel: (+56 57) 236 2475
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Agencia Arica
Diego Portales 948
Arica,  Arica y Parinacota
Tel: (+56 58) 235 1465
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Destinations of Buses géminis

Among the small companies of intercity bus transportation, Buses Géminis is among the best qualified in terms of compliance with the security measures required and controlled by the Secretary of Transportation.