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About Andimar VIP

Buses Andimar is an intercity bus company that was founded in Curicó, located in the seventh region of Maule. In 2006, the Muñoz Broco brothers joined the property which meant the change of its name to Nueva Andimar VIP, a change of image that seeks to offer the best of its services with a quality treatment to its passengers.

Currently, the company offers routes between the capital and Curicó, passing through the cities of Rancagua and San Fernando. It also established routes in the Atacama and Coquimbo regions to cities such as CopiapóVallenarLa Serena and Coquimbo, and also to the Maule and Metropolitan regions.

Andimar offers best customer care possible and various movies are shown on board, which makes the passengers journey much more pleasant and entertaining.

Buses Andimar VIP fleet consists of 82 buses, of which 86,6% was controlled the second half of the year 2016. Of all the inspections, in only 10,7% of cases was committed an infraction according to the undersecretary of transportation for technical and safety conditions.

They own “double-decker” buses of the Brazilian brand “Marcopolo” with an average age of 2,6 years, being pioneers in the use of this type of buses in short journeys.

The types of seat available to choose from are:

  • Classic: supports heads, blanket, and air conditioning.
  • Semi-Cama: it supports heads, blanket, air conditioning, individual seat row and greater recline.
  • Executive Cama: Leather seats with greater resting, head support, blanket, air conditioning and onboard service.

The company now is headquartered in Estación Central, in Iquique 3061 and from Santiago, buses depart from the Terminal Sur.

In other regions: Terminal de Curicó and Terminal Nueva Andimar Vip in Copiapó.

Information of Andimar VIP

Founding date 2006
Head office Avenida Prat #780, Curicó, Región de El Maule, Chile.
Website’s languages Spanish, English, Portuguese
Fleet size 82 buses.
Main destinations Santiago, Curicó, Rancagua
Departures from Santiago Terminal santiago sur, Terminal de buses san borja
Andimar VIP telefono +56 72 231 20 00
Cargo Información no disponible.
Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking    4.625 star rating based on users reviews

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the total number of routes covered by Andimar VIP on daily basis?

Andimar VIP covers 379 routes (approx.) on daily basis.


What is the shortest and the longest route covered by Andimar VIP?

Shortest route is Santiago to Rancagua
Longest route is Santiago to Calama.


What is the contact details of Andimar VIP?

Customer support of Andimar VIP is +56 72 231 20 00


Cancelation process and charges of Andimar VIP online tickets?

Users can easily cancel Andimar VIP tickets online on Andimar There is a 15% cancelation fees for tickets cancelled within minimum four hours before the scheduled departure. Online tickets can not be cancelled within four hours of scheduled departure.


What is the ticket price of Andimar VIP?

Cheapest route is Santiago to Rancagua: CLP$3000
Most expensive route is Antofagasta to Santiago: CLP$55000.


What are the main routes of Andimar VIP?

Main routes of Andimar VIP are following:
Santiago to Curicó CLP$5000, Curicó to Santiago CLP$6000, Santiago to Rancagua CLP$3000


Andimar VIP site language compatibility?

Andimar VIP official site is available in three different languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.
Andimar VIP Chile in spanish: -
Andimar VIP Chile in english: - Información no disponible.
Andimar VIP Chile en portuguese: - Información no disponible.

Call Center: +56 2 26838528 / +56 2 27794801
Sitio web:

Oficinas y teléfonos de Buses Andimar:

  • Copiapó: Colipí 114, Esquina Ramón Freire. Fono: +56 52 2219879.
  • Santiago: San Borja 184, Of. 72. Fono: +56 2 2764 8902.
  • Temuco: Vicente Perez Rosales 1609, Of. 25. Fono: +56 45 2224165.

Buses Andimar Temuco
Terminal Rodoviario de la AraucaniaVicente Perez Rosales 01609, Of. 25Horario de atención: 8:30 hrs - 22:30 hrs
Temuco,  Región de la Araucanía
Chile  -  
Tel: (+56 45) 222 41 65
See on Google Maps
Buses Andimar Terminal Curicó
Prat Nº780, of. 12Horario de atención: 4:30 hrs - 20:30 hrs
Curicó,  Región del Maule
Chile  -  
Tel: (+56 72) 231 20 00
See on Google Maps
Buses Andimar San Fernando
Av. Manso de Velasco c/Rancagua S/Nº, of. 11Horario de atención: 5:30 hrs - 21:30 hrs
San Fernando,  Región del Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins.
Chile  -  
Tel: (+56 72) 271 18 17
See on Google Maps
Buses Andimar Rancagua
Terminal de Buses RancaguaAv. Bernardo O´Higgins Nº 0484, of 06Horario de atención: 6:00 hrs - 21:00 hrs
Rancagua ,  Región del Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins.
Chile  -  
Tel: (+56 72) 222 18 63
See on Google Maps
Buses Andimar Santiago
Terminal de Buses Santiago Avda. Lib. Bernardo O. Nº3850, ofs. 15, 20, 21, 132, 147 y 148Horario de atención: 5:00 hrs - 21:30 hrs
Santiago,  Región Metropoliltana
Chile  -  
Tel: (+56 2)2779 48 01 / Oficina: 147 y 148 (+56 2)2779 38 10 / Oficina: 20 y 21
See on Google Maps
Buses Andimar Santiago
Terminal San BorjaSan Borja Nº184, of. 72Horario de atención: 6:30 hrs - 21:30 hrs
Santiago,  Región Metropoliltana
Chile  -  
Tel: (+56 2) 276 48 902
See on Google Maps
Buses Andimar Terminal La Serena
Amunategui Nº107, B-3 Terminal de/ Sector SurHorario de atención: 9:00 hrs - 02:00 hrs
La Serena,  Región de Coquimbo
Chile  -  
Tel: (+56 51) 222 95 88
See on Google Maps
Buses Andimar Terminal Vallenar
Arturo Prat Nº137 Of. 09/CentroHorario de atención: Lunes a Viernes 9:00 a 23:30 HrsSábado y Domingo 9:00 a 14:00 Hrs. y 16:00 23:30 Hrs
Vallenar,  Región de Atacama
Chile  -  
Tel: (+56 51) 261 36 17
See on Google Maps
Terminal Andimar Copiapó
Colipí Nº114, Esquina Ramón FreireHorario de atención: 9:00 hrs - 21:45 hrs
Copiapó,  Región de Atacama
Chile  -  
Tel: (+56 52) 221 98 79
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Casa Matriz Buses Andimar
Calle Iquique 3061 Estación Central
Santiago,  Región Metropoliltana
Chile  -  
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Destinations of Andimar vip

This company specialized in the transport of passengers has established excellence as its main objective, always trying to give a comfortable and pleasant experience to its customers. In the field of security, Andimar stays with positive safety standards, reflected in a low 11% of received infractions rate in 2015 in the 1200 controls to which its buses subjected were subjected.


Routes and Prices of Andimar VIP

Route First Bus Price
Santiago to Temuco 10:31 AM Book
Calama to La Serena 08:00 AM Book
Antofagasta to La Serena 11:00 AM Book
Calama to Antofagasta 08:00 AM Book
Antofagasta to Copiapó 11:00 AM Book
Copiapó to La Serena 06:00 AM Book
La Serena to Santiago 01:15 AM Book
Santiago to Curicó 05:00 AM Book
Curicó to Santiago 04:45 AM Book
Santiago to La Serena 07:50 AM Book
Antofagasta to Santiago 11:00 AM Book
Vallenar to Santiago 01:20 AM Book
Temuco to Santiago 10:30 AM Book
Santiago to Copiapó 07:50 AM Book
Antofagasta to Calama 08:45 AM Book
Calama to Vallenar 08:00 AM Book
Calama to Copiapó 08:00 AM Book
Calama to Santiago 08:00 AM Book
Antofagasta to Vallenar 11:00 AM Book
Copiapó to Vallenar 06:00 AM Book
Copiapó to Santiago 06:00 AM Book
Vallenar to La Serena 01:20 AM Book
Santiago to Vallenar 07:50 AM Book
Santiago to Antofagasta 02:45 PM Book
Santiago to Calama 02:45 PM Book
Santiago to Rancagua 04:50 AM Book
Santiago to Santa Cruz 04:50 AM Book
Rancagua to Curicó 06:00 AM Book
Rancagua to Santa Cruz 05:50 AM Book