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About Buses Ahumada

Buses Ahumada is a ground transportation company founded in May 1952 by Manuel Ahumada Ponce. In 1964, his heirs took over the business until 1991, year where the company became a limited liability company.

With its 67 years of experience in the passenger transportation industry, Buses Ahumada Limitada offers different services, including private transportation, cargo and special services to multiple and different companies and entities such as schools, and both public and private institutions. For all the frequent travelers, they also have a special benefits and loyalty program.

Buses Ahumada offers routes to different destinations in Chile, allowing passengers to travel from Los Andes to Santiago, San Felipe, Viña del Mar, Auco and Valparaíso. Apart from this, they also offer international services to Mendoza and Buenos Aires in Argentina, routes they won in a public bidding from the Ministry of Transportation.

Thanks to its services, travelers have the option to visit popular destinations such as Santuario Santa Teresa de Los Andes; which is right next to the Terminal de buses Santuario Santa Teresa de Los Andes; the Palacio Rioja National Monument, the National Botanical Garden and the Fonck Museum in Viña del Mar.

From Santiago, Buses Ahumada services depart from the Terminal de buses Los Héroes; and in Argentina; from the Terminal del Sol in Mendoza and the Terminal Rodoviario El Retiro in Buenos Aires.

Information of Buses Ahumada

Founding date 1952
Head office Yerbas Buenas N°650, Los Andes, Chile.
Website’s languages Spanish, English, Portuguese
Fleet size 57 buses
Main destinations
Departures from Santiago
Buses Ahumada telefono (56) 34 221 0306
Cargo No disponible
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the total number of routes covered by Buses Ahumada on daily basis?

Buses Ahumada covers routes (approx.) on daily basis.


What is the shortest and the longest route covered by Buses Ahumada?


What is the contact details of Buses Ahumada?

Customer support of Buses Ahumada is (56) 34 221 0306


Cancelation process and charges of Buses Ahumada online tickets?

Users can easily cancel Buses Ahumada tickets online on Buses There is a 15% cancelation fees for tickets cancelled within minimum four hours before the scheduled departure. Online tickets can not be cancelled within four hours of scheduled departure.


What is the ticket price of Buses Ahumada?


What are the main routes of Buses Ahumada?

Main routes of Buses Ahumada are following:


Buses Ahumada site language compatibility?

Buses Ahumada official site is available in three different languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.
Buses Ahumada Chile in spanish: -
Buses Ahumada Chile in english: - No disponible
Buses Ahumada Chile en portuguese: - No disponible

  • Dirección principal: Yerbas Buenas N°650, Los Andes, Chile.
  • Teléfono principal: (56) 34 221 0306

Agencia Viña del Mar
Valparaíso 1055
Viña del Mar,  Valparaíso
Tel: (+56 34) 221 0358
See on Google Maps
Agencia Valparaíso
Pedro Montt 2831
Valparaíso,  Valparaíso
Tel: (+56 34) 221 0357
See on Google Maps
Agencia San Felipe
Yungay 300
San Felipe,  Valparaíso
Tel: (+56 34) 221 0343
See on Google Maps
Agencia Los Andes
Yerbas Buenas 650
Los Andes,  Valparaíso
Tel: (+56 34) 221 0329 (+56 34) 221 0330
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Agencia Santiago
Tucapel Jiménez 21
Santiago,  Región Metropolitana
Tel: (+56 34) 221 0351
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Agencia Estación Central
Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 3850
Estación Central,  Región Metropolitana
Tel: (+56 22) 784 2514
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Agencia Estación Central
San Francisco de Borja 184
Estación Central,  Región Metropolitana
Tel: (+56 34) 221 0347
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Destinations of Buses ahumada

The commitment to safety of Buses Ahumada is reflected in the outcome of the national inspection program carried out by the Subsecretaría de Transporte. During the second semester of 2019, a period in which they were inspected more than 750 times, they achieved a decrease in the percentage of infractions compared to previous registrations, reaching 3.9%.