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How to travel by bus from Arica to Viña del Mar

Arica se encuentra a 2.005 kilometros de Viña del Mar. La duración del viaje en promedio es entre 28 a 30 horas. La empresa de buses que ofrece servicios en esta ruta es Expreso Norte Pullman Bus, en categoría salón cama o semi cama. La Ruta 5 Norte conecta ambas ciudades.

En Arica la salida de buses es desde Terminal Rodoviario de Arica. Los buses llegan a Valparaíso al Terminal Rodoviario de Valparaíso.



Important Bus Operators between Arica to Viña del Mar Pullman Bus
No Companies from Arica to Viña del Mar 1
No Services from Arica to Viña del Mar 1
Average Ticket Price (CLP) from Arica to Viña del Mar $ 44.900
Maximum Ticket Price (CLP) from Arica to Viña del Mar $ 44.900
Minimum Ticket Price (CLP) from Arica to Viña del Mar $ 44.900
First Departure from Arica to Viña del Mar 11:30
Daily Last Departure from Arica to Viña del Mar 11:30

When do you want to travel to Viña del Mar?

Buses de Arica a Viña del Mar

Las empresas de buses que ofrecen servicios en esta ruta son: Expreso Norte,Turbus y Pullman Bus.

About Arica

Arica is a city of the XV Region of Arica and Parinacota is known as the city of eternal spring for its great climate. It has beautiful beaches and is an access point to visit Peru because it borders the north with that country. A good place to stay in Arica is the Hotel Diego de Almagro for its comfortable facilities. Inland you can reach the Azapa Valley, rich in agricultural products such as olives and mango. Among its main tourist attractions is the Lauca National Park with its wonderful highland flora and fauna, as well as the imposing Morro de Arica, the traditional Cathedral of San Marcos de Arica and Chungará Lake, located at approximately 4,500 meters above sea level, being one of the most highs of the world.

About Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar is one of the most visited cities in Chile. Its beaches constantly attract tourists from all corners of the country as well as a large number of Argentines during the summer season, highlighting the Reñaca beach for its great nightlife and the Playa del Deporte precisely for the sporting activity. The Flower Clock is one of the most visited places in Viña del Mar for its great tradition and beautiful flowers that make it up. In February, one of the most popular festivals in South America, the Viña del Mar Song Festival, takes place.

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